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Fursuit Terms of Service


  • Quotes do not hold or bind you in a commission slot agreement. They are simply a price estimate on options and character design.  You must have a concise and clear character turnaround/reference sheet to get a more accurate quote. Prices are subject to change between commission periods.

  • Quotes are only valid for that commission opening. You must resubmit a form for a new quote for future openings.


  • You must be over the age of 18 to commission me.

  • When ordering you must have a concise and clear reference sheet.

  • If you are wanting an artistic liberty costume please mention this in your quote form.

    • I offer two types of artistic liberty: I come up with the design and species, or you give me a list of colours and a species and I go from there. Please only commission this type if you are fine with having minimal input to the design process.

  • If you do not have a refsheet I will on occasion work from a very easy to read description.

  • I will not recreate any previous costume unless it is for the original customer.


  • GBP only. I accept bank transfers or in certain circumstances, Paypal.

  • A 30-50% deposit is required to secure materials and your commission spot.

  • This is refundable if nothing has been ordered and no work started.

  • Otherwise materials will be returned or shipped to you at your expense and any remainder will be refunded.

  • Payment plans can be discussed, but your costume will not be started until you have paid in full.

  • Please note that you must pay off your full amount in no more than 3 installments. (for example £1200 paid off in £400 installments over 3 months. This does not include your deposit.)

Private/Surprise Commissions

  • I upload work in progress images of all projects I work on to my Patreon and on to my public twitter.

  • Should you want your commission to remain a secret I am more than happy to post the photos without a character/owner name free of charge.

  • However, if you want your commission to be completely private with no photos uploaded anywhere I charge an extra 25% of the total price to make up for loss of revenue through lack of content for me to post.


  • After the costume is completed there is no refund option. If the commission is cancelled during construction the refund will vary on how much progress and labour was invested.

  • I hold the right to refuse and refund in full at my own discretion.

  • If materials have been ordered but no work has been started and you request to cancel your commission a refund will be issued and materials will be posted to you (at your cost) or returned if possible to the supplier (you would pay return postage.)

Work in Progress

  • I will keep you up to date as best as I can on your costume. I tend to post to my twitter (@CassiusRed) and Telegram Channel (Cassiuscrafts) with photos of whatever I am working on.

  • I do not stream commissions, apologies!


  • While I strive to meet deadlines for clients, please note these need to be realistic. (For example, wanting to do a payment plan and paying it off a month before the deadline you've declared is not realistic.)

  • Estimated completion time for a fullsuit is 12-16 weeks, please keep this in mind when seeking a quote.

  • If you fail to make certain payments or provide items I request this can cause delays in the construction of your costume.


  • Shipping is done from Northeast Scotland. All shipping, handling and custom costs are the buyer’s responsibility. Please budget for postage as it can be upwards of £100 depending on the costume's value.

  • I will not ship a costume without insuring it for the full amount of its value.

  • Handling costs for shipping materials (boxes, tape and labels) and travelling to the post office will be added on to the postage invoice.


  • Any issues caused by myself that require repairs/alterations I will gladly fix.

  • Please keep in mind that while my costumes are built to last for years, you need to take proper care of them. They should be treated with the same care and attention as you would treat any other item of clothing.

  • Wash them regularly, don’t put away wet, don’t wash on high heat, etc.

  • While I construct these costumes with active performances in mind, there is always a chance that a seam will rip. Keep in mind that a popped seam is an easy fix that anyone with a basic knowledge of sewing can achieve and that you would much rather have a seam pop than a fur panel rip.

  • If there was an error on my part I will fix free of charge. However, if you yourself have damaged the costume then any fees are your responsibility.

  • Please make sure costumes/parts are CLEAN (recently washed and free of any odors) before any sort of repairing, if the costume arrives to me in a dirty state a £50 cleaning fee will be added to your bill.


  • If you have sent a properly constructed DTD then your costume should fit properly.

  • PLEASE follow this DTD tutorial it shows the process very clearly and ensures you will have a well-fitting DTD.

  • You MUST do the following otherwise you will be required to make a new DTD:

    • TAPE YOUR DTD BACK UP after you have been cut out of it, failure to do so will incur a £40 fee as this siginificantly slows down the patterning process.

    • Mark down the middle of the front and the back, it's easier to get it symmetrical while you are wearing it.

    • Mark where you want your tail attached/the hole for the tail to go through.

    • If you are wanting additional zips added please mark where you want these to begin and end as everyone's body is different.

  • Please keep in mind that if you plan to pay in monthly instalments and your weight or body shape changes for whatever reason, that your DTD may not be an accurate depiction of your body. As such it makes more sense to hold off on making a DTD if you plan to stretch out your payments.


  • Please note that I do own a cat and she does have access to the room I work in due to the size of our house. She does not have direct access to fabrics or materials but please be aware that her dander/fluff may come into contact with your costume. This is simply due to the size of our property. If you are heavily allergic I would advise you to commission someone else.

  • Please note items ahead of you in the queue and be aware that very minimal work will be done on your commission until you are first in the queue and your costume is paid off in full. I prefer only working on one commission at a time as it helps to streamline the process both for myself and you :)


  • I have no problems with making modded or adult costumes. I do not require any extra fees, simply material cost and time taken (for example, an additional crotch zip would be £40). I have no issues with altering costumes not made by myself either.

  • If you are interested in an adult costume I have a “question” on my quotes form that you can fill out. If you are not interested then you need not fill it out.

  • I am also perfectly fine with constructing “add-ons” for already modded suits or to-be modded suits. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I currently offer two styles of fursuit sheath, a "show" sheath and a usuable one. If interested let me know on your form and I can email you photos of each style.

Contact Me

  • If you have any questions about your commission, or are interested in commissioning me and have any questions you can get in touch with me through any of the links in the footer of each page.

  • Alternatively you can email me at:

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