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Fursuit Heads

My fursuit heads are built on a lycra liner with upholstery foam. They can be built to accomodate glasses and are very breathable, with ear vents being an option. Vision is through the eyes which are made with rigid buckram that is spray sealed. Main ventilation is through the head's mouth. The mouth is lined with fleece, the tongue is made of either fleece or minky, and the teeth lycra.

Heads can be handwashed, be mindful of the eyes as some cleaning solutions may cause damage.



My fursuit hands come in a variety of shapes, I offer 4-digit as standard, but also am happy to do 5-digit and unique shapes. I also offer plushie mitten-style hands with lots of padding.

Pawpads can be made from fleece, neoprene, vinyl or minky depending on the look wanted.

 For the claws I usually will make from fleece or neoprene.

I then finish the wrist usually in matching material to the pawpads for a clean look!

My handpaws are 100% machine washable!


My fursuit feetpaws, like the handpaws, come in a variety of shapes. My standard is 4-toed, but I love a challenge!

The soles can either be furred (with the addition of pawpad detailing or not) or can have a durable rubber soling.

Pawpads and claws are made with the same materials as my handpaws. My feetpaws only have foam for the inner sole, and are stuffed so they're light and comfy, with an inner fleece lining.

My feetpaws are 100% machine washable!



I currently offer plantigrade and digitigrade/padded bodysuits. Both are built off of a duct tape dummy. All seams were applicable are machine sewn, save for small markings. Padding in digi bodies is achieved by lycra pockets being attached to the body, with a zip to access the pocket to fill with stuffing. This helps the padding mold to your body to create a believable silhouette.

Plantigrade does not have any padding so is less strenous to wear and can be completed faster generally.

Both styles of fursuit body are 100% machine washable!


Tails come in such a variety of shapes and sizes, the options are almost endless! I have made a plethora of tails from nub deer tails to a 4.5ft long crocodile tail with indivdual scales sewn in!

All tails made by me are machine washable, and where possible completely machine sewn.

All tails come with durable nylon belt loops attached to the tail's base. Tails can be sewn to bodysuits, all tails bigger than a nub tail will still have belt loops however.

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