Below is a list of my prices for fursuits and parts. Please keep in mind that these are the starting prices, complex designs and additions will increase the price of your fursuit.

  • Plantigrade Fullsuit starts at £1650

  • Digitigrade Fullsuit starts at £1800

  • Heads start at £700

  • Hands start at £140

  • Plushie mittens start at £120

  • Feet start at £160

  • ​Bodysuits start at £600

  • Tails are quote only (avg. tail is £50+)

  • Armsleeves/legsleeves are quote only

My fursuit heads are built onto a lycra balaclava with upholstery foam to make out the features, mouths and eyesockets are lined.

My fursuit feet are an eva foam base with a fleece inner lining, and stuffed toes.

All seams are machine sewn bar small details/markings
or on hard to navigate places. 

As stated, prices are subject to change and will vary on design complexity, additions, markings, furs available, your country of origin in terms of shipping costs, any extras you want (indoor and outdoor feet for example)

  • Follow-Me eyes = £30 extra

  • Additional tongue = £15 extra

  • Hair tuft = £40 extra

  • Full/long hair = £70+ extra

  • Extra teeth (set of top canines, etc) = £20 extra

  • Indoor feet bottoms = £40 extra

  • Claws are £5 per digit (£50 extra for 5-digit hands)

  • Tail sewn to body = £30 extra

  • Added zips = £20 per zip

These are just some of the more common extras, I am more than happy to work with a client if they want something not listed added to their costume.

Props are a quote by quote basis.

Fursuit harnesses start at £70.

Fursuit collars start at £20.

Fursuit muzzles start at £30.